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New Looxs Nevada backpack

11 Nov 2015
“I chose this bag because it's nice and big, it has pleasant light blue lining which means you won't lose things in it. Also because it is waterproof and the tablet pocket is convenient to use. And all that seemed to be true. To make it even more versatile there should be, besides the backpack option, a THIRD OPTION to use it as a bag on wheels. With retractable trolley handle and wheels. Bought a bike bag like this once at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam and unfortunately have never seen one since. Extremely handy if you need to do/transport (heavier) groceries! One little bit of criticism is that someone can very easily take the bag off your bike because a third safety clip (like on my previous bag) is missing. If you, like me, often need to cycle at night through neighbourhoods in Amsterdam which are known to be unsafe, then that would be and feel a lot more secure..”
New Looxs Nevada backpack

XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft backpack

13 Sep 2017
“Nice aesthetically. Quite small. Can't even fit an iPad Pro in the tablet case (surely the pro digital media user would be the target audience). The bag doesn't feel heavy when worn. Quite amazing how much weight disappears when it's worn. The two year warranty reflects the quality. Would expect a 10 year warranty as Kata bags used to (actually they did a lifetime warranty if you registered with them). Not expecting this bag to last as long as a kata bag. Or Jansport bag The quality just isn't in it. So overall it's a nice bag. It's functional but not the top quality product I expected, especially for the price. ”
XD Design Bobby Anti-Theft backpack

Brooks Piccadilly leather backpack

21 Dec 2017
“The box was not sturdy enough. My bag ended up crushed. Being hard leather, it left creases that would otherwise not be there.”
Brooks Piccadilly leather backpack